11/05/2008 eveliendb

We woke up at 10am (perfect hour to wake up on vacation) and had a very luxurious breakfast. There was coffee, orange juice, croissants, ham, cereal, bananas,¬†tomatoes, etc. Once we were all stuffed and there was nothing left we … didn’t do anything! It was raining outside and we preferred to stay inside and just hang-out with my father! Of course we both had our computers on our laps …

We were just about to leave to a shopping center when Ana said she had made lunch, so we stayed for one hour more to eat the traditional dish of this apartment; Arroz con Cosas (Rice with Things). Yes indeed, those Columbians like their rice. And I of course always make Pasta con Cosas, to increase the differentiation in our diets!

After that delicious meal we went shopping to Principe Pio. I didn’t buy much (as usual) and even my father bought more than I did …

We returned home to pick up Ana and go see the Flamenco show. It was amazing. The only thing that bothered me was that they were wearing ‘modern’ Flamenco clothing and not the traditional ones, but it was great anyway! Again, I think it was 1am when we went to sleep.

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