about me

this is my life * love love love * minimalism * deep conversations * boats * proud vegetarian * life hacking * entrepreneur * daring greatly * gent * yoga * qwerty-keyboards * small caps


i sometimes blurt out thoughts on this blog, love pinning stuff on pinterest, collect my resume on linkedin and my travel-list here.

apart from this, i love starting conversations, make great websites, am looking for the best coworking in ghent, i live in a house of happiness and help organise tedxghent.

some random facts about me:

  • my mission in life: inspire people to say ‘this is my life and i can make of it what i want’
  • if you meet me, please don’t ask me what i do. ask me wether i think there’s alien life out there, about the meaning of life or tell me about your passion.
  • i’m not a big fan of capital letters (though i often cave in to the rules of society and use them anyway).
  • i’m an introvert who’s getting better and better at impersonating an extrovert.
  • friends often tell me: ‘most people just talk about this kind of stuff, but you actually go and do it!’
  • never understood why people think i have a strange sense of humor.
  • try to live my life according to the holstee manifesto and am a strong believer that everything will work out in the end.
  • i have a pretty awesome collection of quotes that tells you a lot about who i am.